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Introducing Scavo’s New Mascot!


The Scavo Student Leaders would like to introduce you to Scavo’s mascot. We are the PHOENIX. Throughout the spring the student body promoted and voted on numerous mascot choices. We are thrilled with the selection because we believe Scavo students, like the Phoenix, can RISE UP from the past and soar to a brighter future.


Activities and Athletics


Scavo is proud to announce starting the 2015-2016 school year we will be offering after school activities and athletics. We are in the process of finalizing times and locations but count on it being twice a week starting in the fall. A few of the offerings are: speech, dodge ball, basketball, volleyball, robotics, and cooking. … Read more »


NPR Reports on Hard Work, Success at Scavo


National Public Radio is doing a series of stories on the nation’s high school graduation rate, now at an all-time high. As part of their report, NPR visited Scavo High School to get a first-hand look at the work by teachers and students to succeed. NPR notes Scavo is one of the “schools digging in and actually giving students the long-term support required to raise the grad rate for real.” Click the photo to visit the NPR web site and read their report.


Scavo High: Class of 2015


Between May 20-24, Des Moines Public Schools celebrated the Class of 2015 at eight commencement ceremonies, proud to present diplomas to students from all of our high schools. DMPS is pleased to share photographs – 513 photos, to be exact – from all eight of our graduation events, including Scavo High School. Click the photo to see more from some of the most special events of the school year.


School Wide Walk


To promote healthy living habits all Scavo students and staff went on a walk around downtown. Students completed a mile in the morning and another mile in the afternoon.


Guest Speaker Officer Ryan


In one of our last staff meetings we discussed student leadership and giving them more voice and choice in the classroom. So in Mrs. Beres class she let the students choose the topic they were going to write their persuasive essay’s about.  They generated some ideas and voted and selected  “Do police officers abuse their … Read more »

Upcoming Events

Aug 12
Registration 1-7pm
Aug 13
Registration 1-7pm
Aug 26
First day of school 2015-2016
Sep 7
Labor Day – No school
Oct 23
No school – Teacher EQ Development

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Bulletin Board

Last day of school is June summer school is July 1st


July summer school begins July 7th. It will run 9:00-12:30. Breakfast and lunch are provided.


Scavo is proud to announce we have a mascot: We are the Scavo Phoenix


The new Phoenix will be unveiled in July


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About Scavo High School


1800 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50309

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Scavo High School serves approximately 300 students in grades 10-12. Classroom size is smaller with additional supports for students needing an environment that is responsive and flexible to their learning needs. Read More…

Welcome to Scavo High School! There are many great opportunities for students to participate in and experience.

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