Phoenix Academy

Carl Stamey

Night School Led- Social Studies

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I have over 30 years of teaching experience that began in Nashville, Tennessee, after receiving my BA in history from Trevecca Nazarene University. I also have completed graduate work at Tennessee State University and Middle Tennessee State University. Before teaching I worked over 25 years in the tennis business, having taught and played professionally. I have been at Scavo for 17 years and retired in 2013. I came back to work in the Night Lab two years ago. I still enjoy playing tennis every day.

Cindy Gibbens

Social Science Teacher

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I graduated from Upper Iowa University with a BS in Secondary Education with Endorsements in Reading (grades 5-12) and all social studies (grades 5-12). Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family, camping, and traveling.

Jodine Smith

Business/Technology Teacher

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Class Description

Course Description:


Tech Seminar

Tech Seminar is a course for all students new to the Scavo Learning Community.  Students will engage in creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop products and processes using technology. Students will work collaboratively using technology to conduct research, manage projects, solve problems and make informed decisions.


Fundamentals of Word Processing

Basic keyboarding is a nine week course designed to assist students who are beginning to develop a personal use level of skill.  Students learn appropriate touch techniques to build speed and accuracy at the keyboard.  They apply skills to format business documents.


Computer Applications

Computer Applications is a nine week course designed to develop skills necessary  for success in their academic, personal and professional lives.   Students will learn Microsoft Office 2010 completing projects using Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.  Students will develop attitudes and knowledge of ethical use of technology.


Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is a nine week class designed to assist students in becoming financially responsible.  Students will learn how to manage money effectively by developing spending plans and selecting appropriate financial instruments to maintain positive cash flow.  Students will identify and evaluate appropriate risk management options.  Students will assess the value, features, and planning processes associated with savings, investing, and apply knowledge to achieve long-tern financial goals.


Word Processing

Word Processing is a course designed for students interested in improving their knowledge and skills in word processing. Students build writing skill needed for success in academic endeavors as well as future careers. The primary software used is Microsoft Word.




Biology/Multimedia is a nine week course designed to earn credit in Biology and a business elective.  Students will learn to develop multimedia presentations using a variety of hardware and software.  They will use the Internet for research and demonstrate an understanding of copyright and fair use practices. Students will demonstrate competency of standards in Multimedia and Biology through projects, assigned activities, and labs.



Jodine Smith is a Career and Technical Education teacher at Scavo High School. She earned a BA from Simpson College in 1998 and a MA from Viterbo University in 2007. She has taught in Des Moines Public Schools since 2003 at Scavo High School. Her endorsement areas are Business Marketing/Management, Business General, and Multioccupations.

Mark Yusten

Science Teacher

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Class Description

The Academic Support Lab (ASL) consists of many courses that students will complete through an online program called Education 2020 Dynamic Classroom (e2020). Each individual course has its own description and syllabus. The instructor provides students with assistance in completing their coursework by helping students to set goals, monitor their progress and understand course content.

I also teach Astronomy which has prerequisites of Algebra I, and then Earth Science or Conceptual Physics. It is for grades 10-12 and has a Semester course value of 0.5 Credit

Astronomy is a one-semester course devoted to the study of …. Astronomy. Units of study will include: objects that can be observed in the sky with the unaided eye such as the sun, planets, and stars; equipment that is used to further our knowledge of the universe; the relation between the earth and the other objects in the sky; the properties and lives of stars; the origins of our universe and solar system.


My name is Mark Yusten and I have been teaching science since 1987.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Science with a major in Chemistry and a minor in Biology from Briar Cliff College in 1985. I began teaching in 1987 after taking the required coursework for teaching as a minor.  Before I became a DMPS Teacher in 2006 I taught at several school districts in Iowa.  Currently I enjoy my time at home spending time with family, boating and ham radio.  Here at Scavo I sponsor the FTC robotics team and, of course, teach Astronomy, and all sciences as needed in the ASL Lab.




Meagen Wahl

Family Consumer Science and Math Teacher

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Class Description

Students will work in the Flex Lab to credit recover classes through individual assessment, group discussion, hands-on assignments, and an option of online resources. Students will focus on using mathematical operations, solving multi-step equations, and graphing.


I graduated from Missouri State University with a BS in Clothing, Textiles, and Merchandising. I am endorsed in both Family & Consumer Sciences and Mathematics. Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family and dogs, working on home improvement projects, visiting the DSM farmer’s market, and participating in athletic activities.

Sarah Ball

English Teacher

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Class Description

The Flex Lab at Scavo High School works with under-credited students to improve their progress toward graduation. The Lab offers credit recovery, original credit, blended learning (through Canvas and other online platforms), and cross-curricular opportunities. As the English teacher in Scavo’s Flex Lab, I work with students in all parts of all of the district’s required English courses and most of the district’s elective English courses. We also coordinate our efforts in the Scavo Flex Lab with the Flex Labs at the other high schools in the district as well as with Scavo’s classroom instruction.


A native of eastern Iowa, I am a legacy graduate of Iowa State University (B.A. English) and received my M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction/Reading and Literacy from Grand Canyon University. I have worked in a variety of positions revolving around a Language Arts core since 1986 - classroom teacher, speech and drama coach, mentor teacher, academic interventionist, instructional coach, and back to classroom teacher - all in Iowa, except for three years in Minnesota and one wild year teaching ELL in the Middle East (United Arab Emirates). I love my job.

I whistle while I work, I am an avid reader, and I love spending time in laughter with friends and family.

Zach Mcclelland

Flex Social Science

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I graduated from Grand View University with a degree in Secondary Education and an endorsement in All Social Sciences. In addition to teaching at Scavo High School, I also coach football at Roosevelt High School and Track & Field at Lincoln High School. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, spending time with my dogs, and rooting on the Michigan Wolverines. Go Blue!