Scavo Staff Attends Leadership Now Conference

Scavo High School principal Richard Blonigan,  recently gained knowledge that he must share with his staff.   Joined by School Improvement Leader Michael Cameron and Art Teacher Michele Gude at the Solution Tree Leadership NOW Summit from April 24 through 26, Blonigan describes the event as “intense.”
“It was a good opportunity to not only learn from the nationally-renown speakers but also to collaborate with educators from across the US and Canada,” said Cameron.  Presenters at the event included Robert Marzano, Rebecca and Richard Dufour, Anthony Muhammad, and Kenneth Williams.  Topics covered by the Summit included student achievement, professional learning communities, school climate and culture, teacher burnout, and accountability. 
Attendees felt the event reinforced the need for clarity in goal-setting and communication. Gude felt that the Summit had a lot to offer.  In a session about being “in the flow” of your leadership life, she realized, “Staying at a high level of energy without burning out is something that you have to consciously work on.”Throughout the summit, educators were reminded about the importance of their job, equated to others that “cannot fail.”  For example, the consequences that result from the failure of an air traffic controller are devastating; the stakes are too high—such is the case with education.  “We say ‘All students can or must learn,’ but do we really mean it?  Do we have all the structures and supports in place to achieve this goal?”  Gude says that these were questions posed by the summit’s presenters.By setting high expectations and incorporating what they learned, Scavo High’s leaders are working hard to answer these questions with a resounding, “Yes!”
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