Scavo Flex Lab is Reaching New Heights

The Flex Lab at Scavo is making great advances this year. Students who enter the Flex Lab find a large, welcoming space that holds classroom space in all four core content areas: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Our teachers are content-area experts who are able to meet each student at his/her instructional level and provide support as needed. In addition, Scavo’s Flex Lab includes a Business teacher, who offers original credit and credit recovery courses as well as co-curricular courses with the content areas.

Students work at their own pace, and because of this, may finish classes more quickly than in a general education classroom; students in the Flex Lab are aware that they must be self-directed for greatest success. Flexible scheduling makes it possible for each student to focus on individual classes. There are also opportunities for co-curricular coursework, especially between English and Social Studies; each Flex Lab course is tailored to a student’s individual needs.

Night Lab is a unique offering at Scavo. It runs four days a week for three hours each day, and is open to students across the district. Night Lab offers educational opportunities to students who need an extended schedule, for a variety of personal and educational issues.

Scavo’s Flex Lab has set a year-long goal of 300 courses completed. As of December 1, students have completed 160 courses, well ahead of that goal. Building relationships, accurate record-keeping and student progress tracking makes this goal advancement possible.

We invite you to visit Scavo’s Flex Lab, talk to the teachers and students, and see what makes us different.

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