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Francis Curtis-Negussie

Physical Eduacation

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Jodine Smith

Business/Technology Teacher

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Class Description

Course Description:


Tech Seminar

Tech Seminar is a course for all students new to the Scavo Learning Community.  Students will engage in creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop products and processes using technology. Students will work collaboratively using technology to conduct research, manage projects, solve problems and make informed decisions.


Fundamentals of Word Processing

Basic keyboarding is a nine week course designed to assist students who are beginning to develop a personal use level of skill.  Students learn appropriate touch techniques to build speed and accuracy at the keyboard.  They apply skills to format business documents.


Computer Applications

Computer Applications is a nine week course designed to develop skills necessary  for success in their academic, personal and professional lives.   Students will learn Microsoft Office 2010 completing projects using Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.  Students will develop attitudes and knowledge of ethical use of technology.


Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is a nine week class designed to assist students in becoming financially responsible.  Students will learn how to manage money effectively by developing spending plans and selecting appropriate financial instruments to maintain positive cash flow.  Students will identify and evaluate appropriate risk management options.  Students will assess the value, features, and planning processes associated with savings, investing, and apply knowledge to achieve long-tern financial goals.


Word Processing

Word Processing is a course designed for students interested in improving their knowledge and skills in word processing. Students build writing skill needed for success in academic endeavors as well as future careers. The primary software used is Microsoft Word.




Biology/Multimedia is a nine week course designed to earn credit in Biology and a business elective.  Students will learn to develop multimedia presentations using a variety of hardware and software.  They will use the Internet for research and demonstrate an understanding of copyright and fair use practices. Students will demonstrate competency of standards in Multimedia and Biology through projects, assigned activities, and labs.



Jodine Smith is a Career and Technical Education teacher at Scavo High School. She earned a BA from Simpson College in 1998 and a MA from Viterbo University in 2007. She has taught in Des Moines Public Schools since 2003 at Scavo High School. Her endorsement areas are Business Marketing/Management, Business General, and Multioccupations.

Meagen Wahl

Family Consumer Science and Math Teacher

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Class Description

Foods and Nutrition 1
Students will learn the essentials to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition, exercise, and cooking techniques will be the focus in classroom projects, labs, and discussions.
PBL- Adult Living
Students will learn about the responsibilities of being a community member. They will use local and community resources to build their knowledge about budgeting, communication, problem-solving, and career choices. Students will work as team members to research, produce, and present a collaborative cross-curricular project.

Students will learn to develop everyday math skills through individual assessment, group discussion, and  hands-on activities.  Students will focus on using mathematical operations, solving multistep equations, and graphing linear equations.


I graduated from Missouri State University with a BS in Clothing, Textiles, and Merchandising. I am endorsed in both Family & Consumer Sciences and Mathematics. Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family and dogs, working on home improvement projects, visiting the DSM farmer’s market, and participating in athletic activities.

Michel Schmida

Fine Arts Teacher

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Class Description

Psychology/Art: Students will demonstrate understanding of the historical development of the field of psychology, its relationship to art and how individual behavior is influenced. Each class period will include a group discussion/activity/lecture/followed by time to work individually on projects.

Sociology/Art: Students will demonstrate understanding of the interrelationship of art and the social/historical context in which it occurs. Each class period will include a group discussion/activity/lecture followed by time to work individually on projects.

Art: Students will explore various media, techniques, and processes in the visual arts. They will consider the art process from start to finish when selecting media that will lend itself to the intended meaning in their work. Students will utilize problem solving skills throughout the process. Students will then reflect on their learning, the intentions of their work, and how it communicates a message to viewers.



I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Iowa State University in 1995, along with a minor in sociology. In 1999, I received my Master of Arts in Art Education. In 2006, I received my Art Therapy Certificate from Grand View. In 2009, I added an Instructional Strategist II endorsement.  In 2011, I added an endorsement as a special education consultant.  I enjoy learning and adding new course offerings to our art program at Scavo.  This year, we are exploring offering AP Studio Art.
Outside of school, I enjoy going to flea markets, creating art, reading, being outdoors, and training my dog. I have a son who enjoys video games, fishing, hiking, and going on adventures.


Penny Zaun

Family Comsumer Science Teacher

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Class Description

In Nutrition and Food Prep 1 and 2, students will apply nutrition principles to personal diet planning and develop skills in selecting, care and preparation of a variety of food. Labs are designed to help students learn safe food preparation techniques.

Personal Development & Health is a course designed to provide students with information about how to develop a healthy lifestyle. The topics included are self-concept, nutrition, exercise, substance usage and sexuality. Students will apply the decision making process to health choices and examine the interrelation between physical, emotional, mental and social health.

Sewing Technology I teaches sewing basics to construct clothing and textile products using appropriate equipment and techniques. Students may use materials provided or choose to purchase materials, patterns and notions for individual projects.

In Sewing Technology II, III and IV students will experiment with more advanced sewing techniques. Students will select individual projects based upon their skill level and interest. Students will need to purchase and bring materials, patterns and notions throughout the course for individual projects.


In GRADS students will study human development, personal and family relationships.  The coordination of personal, marriage, family and career goals will be explored, as well as resources for adjusting to change and crisis.  Students will analyze skills needed to establish positive relationships with others both personally and professionally.




My name is Penny Zaun and I teach Family and Consumer Sciences here at Scavo. This is my fourth year at Scavo.  I am currently teaching classes in Nutrition and Food Prep II, Sewing Technology I, II, III and IV, Personal Development and Health and GRADS

I am in my 23rd year of teaching for the Des Moines Public Schools. Previously I have taught for 14 years at Hoyt Middle School, 5 years at Lincoln High School and 1 year at East High School. I have also taught Preschool at Tiger Tots in Madrid, Iowa. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Education from Iowa State University. Go Cyclones.

Outside of school, I like to spend time with my family, friends and pets. I am married and have 2 adult children, 2 grandsons, 2 cats and a dog. I also enjoy boating, gardening, reading, walking and watching sports and movies.

Sarah Sheeley


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