Scavo Offerings


  • Personalized Learning through
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • 6 and 12 week terms
  • Everyday classes
  • 18-1 Student/Teacher Ratio
  • Credit Recovery Options
  • Dual Credit Classes
  • ACME-Government/Economics/English IV
  • CBL-American History/English III
  • Art/Sociology and Art/Psychology
  • Blended Learning
  • Project Based Learning
  • Online-Odyssey
  • Small Group Instruction
  • Adventure Learning Components

Social and Emotional

  • Mental Health Services
  • Student Assistance Program
  • Support Groups-A.R.T., Grief, Substance Abuse Education utilizing Community Partners
  • Advisory/Advocate Program


  • Tiered Classroom Intervention System
  • Trauma Informed Care, Youth Mental Health First Aid-Restorative Practices

Community Center and Clinic

  • Health Care-Primary Health Care
  • Dental Care-Nolden Gentry Dental Clinic
  • Service Learning-Silver Cord Hours Honored
  • Food Pantry sponsored by Food Bank of Iowa
  • On-site daycare-Teddy Bear Town
  • Leadership Development through Iowa State Extension
  • Employability and technology certification
  • After school activities-Music production, Soccer, Basketball


Scavo High School began as the Greater Des Moines Education Center in 1968. It was located at the Julia B. Mayer Community Center, 801 Forest Avenue, with four staff members and seven students. In 1969, the Greater Des Moines Education Center was moved to a new location on the north side of Des Moines, at1452 Second Avenue. In November of 1972, the south campus was opened at 1961 Indianola Road.

The alternative school’s enrollment continued to expand, thereby necessitating two new sites in the fall of 1981. Alternative North was relocated to 901 Walnut Street, and Alternative South was moved to 1000 S.W. Porter Avenue.

In 1994, the Board of Principals approved the request to name the north campus, Casady Alternative School. In 1995, the Board of Principals approved the request to name the south campus, Vincent C. Scavo High School, their former Principal.

In 1999, the schools were merged at 1800 Grand Avenue. Scavo Campus will continue to provide students with excellent alternative educational opportunities.

In 2010 Scavo moved to our current location at the old Moore Elementary site located at 3725 52nd Street. This site offers many opportunities to continue offering students an educational environment that they can identify with.

Today Scavo is back at Central Campus, where it moved into brand new renovated space in January 2015, providing a more central location for students as well as access to a wider array of educational opportunities.