Scavo MTSS

Scavo along with the district believe strongly in MTSS (Multi-tiered Systems of Support). Below are a few of the MTSS models we use daily.

Academic Advisory

-Students work with Advisory teacher to strengthen Literacy and Math skills

Literacy and Math Support Classes

-Identified students are scheduled into a Literacy or Math support class for 9 weeks. Students build background knowledge and development of a skill conceptually in order to increase comprehension and fluency.


-CHAMPs is used in all of our classrooms here at Scavo. C= Conversation H= Help A= Activity M= Movement P= Participation. This daily display helps to students know what to expect when they walk into each classroom

Levels of Intervention

-Every classroom teacher at Scavo follows the same behavior support plan, a.k.a. levels of intervention.

-friendly nonverbal

-Friendly verbal

-If then statement

-Behavior coach called