Teddy Bear Town

What is Teddy Bear Town?

Children & Families of Iowa’s Teddy Bear Town (TBT) is an affordable childcare center located on-site at Scavo. TBT provides a high level of quality childcare to encourage growth in all areas of development: physical, social, emotional, and verbal. You Finish High School. We Care For Your Child. Infant and Toddler Child Care Located at Scavo Full Service High School. A high school diploma is one of the first steps you will take towards independence and a secure future for yourself and your baby. While you work hard to achieve that goal, we provide quality childcare for children from birth(2 weeks) to 36 months old while you are enrolled in the Des Moines Public School System.

TBT is open each school day with flexible hours to meet students school needs.

Typical hours are 7:30 am -3 pm.

Financial assistance may be available. Call for more information at 515-242-7577.

Why Choose Teddy Bear Town?

Graduation: Conveniently located at Scavo Full Service High School, mothers can concentrate on school work and graduating while their child is well cared for.

Ratio: With one staff member for every three children, TBT provides a secure environment and quality one-on-one time with each child. Class Size: TBT classrooms have a maximum of six children. Fewer children in each classroom reduces noise and distractions and allows children to focus on their development.

Staff qualifications: Staff have obtained or are currently enrolled in courses to obtain their Child Development Associate (CDA) credentials or higher degree in Early Childhood Education, and can help children learn as they move through different developmental stages.

Environment: Large, welcoming and secure classrooms allow children to move and explore with toys and activities. Drake University Early Head Start Program: This partnership provides resources for parents while their child attends Teddy Bear Town.

What Are My Responsibilities?

The primary mission of CFI teachers and staff is to provide the best possible care for your child. Parents’ involvement is critical in this process. Here are some of the expectations we have of parents participating with their children in Teddy Bear Town:

• Regular and prompt attendance in school and classes.

• Regular and prompt attendance in childcare.

• Timely phone calls when student or child will be absent or late.

• Doctor’s note to explain absences.

• Provide diapers, wipes, change of clothes and other personal supplies.

ENROLLMENT MATERIALS: Please download and complete.

TBT Enrollment Form

Emergency Treatment Release

Health Form